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Enjoy the benefits of the NeuroSpa Energizing Station at the office.

Salle relaxation détente maison
Salle relaxation détente maison
Salle relaxation détente maison


After several years of use in the most renowned Spas, the NeuroSpa will now allow you to fight stress in your company every day. Here are some testimonials collected from first experiences using the NeuroSpa within companies:

«15 minutes after a session: I really do feel more relaxed and more focused. It seems to me that my breathing is deeper (a little like after having practicing yoga!). »

«1 hour after the session: the relaxation and focusing effect are still present.»

«It's a lot easier to empty one's head this way than doing meditation and plus, it's super fast. Sold!»

«...I have the impression that 1 hour later I had more energy. I did my session at 3 PM and in the evening I often experience a down around 6:30-7:00 PM and yesterday I didn't have this down...»

«...In the evening, I felt a little strange, like more stimulated...»

«I loved this chair... very relaxing. The combination of light/music/massage creates a very relaxing ambiance... I really appreciated it...»

«I tried the chair last night. Wow! And double wow!»

«I think the relaxing effect on the muscles has had its effect and that I now feel a musculoskeletal looseness that I'm not used to.»

«This morning after a bad night's sleep, I said to myself that it was the perfect time to try the chair out. I really liked the experience, music, vibration, light in synergy, it was very enjoyable. And truly, it's been an hour since I went there and I really feel very alert, at any rate not like someone who's slept badly. So I'd say 1-0 for the chair.»

«But I think we can say that it's a good relaxant not just a good way to wake up. »

«I'd say a 5-minute session to wake up and a 15 to relax before waking up!»

«Being skeptic and critical by nature, my first idea after yesterday's presentation was that the concept of the NeuroSpa chair was a little arcane... I allow myself a brief parenthisis to say that I'm living a strange period of stress and impatience these days... In less than 30 seconds, with the music, the low frequency vibrations in the lower back and everywhere in my body and the visual effect, I broke down and cried. What a beautiful therapy. We all know to what degree crying is a good outlet. After that, I fell into a deep relaxation, my eyes fully open, abandonning all my senses to this relaxo-energizing session... I spent 15 minutes as beneficial (if not more) than several sessions of psychotherapy, massage, or karting. :) In brief, as soon as this session ended, I no longer felt that small dark cloud over my head... I exited Forzani Hall full of energy, I almost went back up the steps singing « La mélodie du bonheur » at the top of my lungs... :)»

«Thursday afternoons are very difficult because of the boot camp at 12 PM but now I'm really feeling less tired, in spite of the fact that my night was short. For me, the machine is efficient.»

«...It seems to give a little « boost » but not very significantly. That is, as I woke up I still felt some tiredness but after 5-10 minutes, it seemed that I'd be ready to work a little longer than before the session.»

«It was enjoyable. I felt relaxed in the end.»

«Very relaxing... surprising the level of relaxation available in 15 minutes.»

«...An appreciable restoration of energy, for a good long time. To bed very late yesterday, got up early this morning, did 15 minutes at 6:30, I'm surfing on this energy.»

«First test 15 minutes, very interesting, I'll be a user.»

«...I got back to my desk and instantly I noticed that my posture appears to have improved...Usually I have a long list of chores and I get discouraged fairly quickly and end up shovelling the work forward to the next day. Yesterday I actually got most of my list done! Coincidence or was my session in the alien spaceship the reason….don’t know!!! Had an excellent night’s sleep!!!...»

«I didn't feel tired all afternoon despite a big meal at the restaurant... it seems to be working...»

«Very enjoyable relaxation portion»

«I find it more relaxing than energizing. Enjoyable sensation.»

«I tried it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did 15-minute sessions each time. I really liked this chair. I want one at our house...»

«Truly enjoyable and relaxing at the same time.»

«I really liked this experience and the revitalizing effect.»

«...After the session I felt very relaxed and I'd say that I had a very good energy for the rest of the day... Each of the experiences seems to have energized me...»

«As far a I'm concerned, the 5-minute energizing mode (even after 2 trials) was less energizing than the 15-minute mode... For the rest, I found the chair very comfortable and would be a faithful enough user.»

«I adored the relaxing effect of the 15 minutes... On the other hand, the relaxing effect was beneficial to me and I think I'd be an occasional user... I lean in favor of acquisition despite the high price.»