15 minutes to sort out our ideas

Johanne Lauzon

Last Edition

Sometimes, around 3 PM, I would lie down in a ball under my desk. Especially when vacations seemed as inaccessible as the Kilimandjaro and that I found myself in front of a mountain of deadlines. The English have a nice name for that: the Power Nap. The 15-minute (or more!) nap that puts things back in their place. But who can afford down time right in the middle of the week?

And then I learn that Spa Eastman offers a re-energizing nap like this. An appointment is taken during the week.  Nestled on the 16th floor of an anonymous tower, this health stop breathes tranquility in the heart of the Montreal hubbub. Clients and employees whisper as if they wanted to preserve a protected territory.

In a small room, I sit in an armchair with rounded shapes. The legs elevated, my body finds itself in a state of weightlessness. The captivating rhythms of the music and the movements of the armchair recall the waves of the big blue. I start to drift. My muscles relax, my jaw unclenches. After 45 minutes, I open my eyes: a feeling of calm and joy envelops me.

I exit from there recharged. Ready to attack everything I've been neglecting for days. Hmmm... next time I'll want to spoil myself, instead of window shopping, I'll go have a nap.

It's possible to try in one of the many NeuroSpa Centers in Quebec, or to try at home.

NeuroSpa.ca to know more.