The NeuroSpa, total escapism, and unforgettable experience... you'll aks for it again!

September 28 2013, 01:49  by Julia T

We spoke some time ago of Spa Ovarium, 400 Beaubien east, Montreal, in our article : Spa Ovarium à Montréal : Détendre le corps et l’esprit.

We wand to speak to you of the
NeuroSpa, qtreatment that Spa Ovarium recommends. Total escapism!

We are regular users of the NeuroSpa and we feel it's benefits more and more. Ceci nous a amené à vouloir en savoir plus sur le NeuroSpa. So we asked questions to Marianne, the Customer Service Director, who was very happy to supply us with the information.

But what is the NeuroSpa?

Imagine if you lied down on an astronaut's bed allowing your body to be totally comfortable. So no physical tensions. You close your eyes and a relaxing music alomg with the sound of waves allows you to relax even more and then you feel vibrations that start in the back and travel throughyour body synchronized to the music. These frequencies communicate with the central nervous system and help stress to clear out.

The dream!!! The impression is like leaving for a world where everything is nice, everything is calm.

Ovarium is the first company in the world to support the NeuroSpa, et ce à travers le monde! This treatment has been available since May 2011.

It is important to mention that Ovarium participated in the design of the NeuroSpa in a Quebec laboratory, collaborating with the inventor and a team of engineers.

The NeuroSpa is the first treatment combining conventional music with audible and perceptible vibrations.

There is also a residential version of the NeuroSpa, the NeuroSpa Cushion.  It is similar to a cushion, can be easily moved from one place to another (in bed, in the office, in an armchair, etc.). It offers 8 programs one of which is for use in the car which neutralizes car engine vibrations which cause drowsiness at the wheel, as well as neutralizing tensions and back pains caused by long periods of driving.

Some technical explanations about the NeuroSpa:

« The NeuroSpa is the result of several years of research on the positive impacts of music on the brain and the human body. It is the first therapeutic tool producing intracorporal music (multifrequency acoustic vibrations) synchronized with conventional music.

Intracorporal music allows the transmission of muscular and mental command suggestions: central, sympathetic and parasympathetic.

When combined with music perceived by hearing, a complete mental and physical synchronisation is established.

During a NeuroSpa session, the music captivates you from the very first minutes; and after about 10 minutes, the intracorporal music communicates directly with the central nervous system via the spinal cord; it gradually replaces the tensions previously caused by accumulated stress, which radically reduces its negative effects significantly.

After a 30-minute session, your accumulated stress will have disappeared, leaving a deep and lasting feeling of wellness. A 30-minute session provides 12 hours of energy.

Once conected to the central nervous system, this internal music will replace the undesireable stress triggers on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, thus untangling at the root permanent tensions and regularizing your breathing as well as your heart rate. Finally these multifrequency intracorporal sensations will reach organs and glands and will release the undesireable triggers caused daily by stress.

Like a sequence of water drops that can irritate to the point of becoming an unbearable torment, daily stress provokes enormous damage as the years go by. The rhythm of our lives does not always allow us to replace these tensions by positive natural activities that would occupy our minds and bodies long enough to let go and regain our equilibrium.

The NeuroSpa will vous allow you to achieve a state of mental and physical harmony in only 30 minutes: the relaxation effect after a single session is very intense and transforms itself in dynamic energy that will stimulate you throughout the day. We recommend you continue your pause before driving or starting work again; the ideal would be to continue your relaxation period with a Massage, a Floatation Bath or a Pulsar. »

With the NeuroSpa you'll live an experience out of the ordinary

and you won't be able to do without!

We are totally hooked!